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Monday, May 25, 2015

Got7 Has Got Me

Now, moving onto the next group that I got into when my feels for Exo began to wane. 

So I came back to the states around mid-January. Of course, the first thing I wanted to do after being gone for three and a half months is see all of my friends. So after how many days, I met up with my good friends; Lychee, Puri, and Michi. We all hung out at Lychee's house and got caught up. While I was in the Philippines, I still had the chance to communicate with them whenever I was lucky enough to get wifi. What I noticed during those conversations while I was in a different country, was this name that kept on coming up in Line. Jackson. The name would be dropped multiple times and they seemed to be really into the guy. I had no idea who this person was. So when we were hanging out at Lychee's house, I asked them to show me who this Jackson is and why they're all talking about him. Which then led to Lychee putting up a music video called 'A.' I watched the music video and found out that Jackson is the guy who is rapping all by himself near all these cars. I thought to myself, "Huh. Yea, he's cute. I can see why they're into him." Once it ended, I asked for more videos because I wanted to know more about the group that has the person that my friends are into. I wanted to like them too lol. So that led to watching dance practices. At this time, I still couldn't get all their names down. Also, I couldn't figure out who my bias(es) would be yet. But let it be known, I did find them attractive and thought they had catchy songs. When the night was over, I headed home not knowing if I'd get into them. Maybe Exo was a one time thing and I was in the kpop fangirl game for only a couple months. 

Yea, right. Let's be real. It only took me like, a day. I ended up re-watching the dance practice videos and the mvs. My bias(es) based on attractiveness were decided. Funny thing is, when I asked Lychee who she thought my biases are, she gave me an answer and told me her sister thought it was another member. And being the Aries that I am, I told her that they're both right and I have two biases. I just don't see why I have to limit myself to just having one bias. I have a lot of love and lust to give, so two seems like a good amount. So my interest in them just continued to get bigger with each video that I watched. Seriously, it felt like it only took me two weeks to watch all of their Real Got7 and I Got7 episodes. And it was great that I knew what my friends were talking about and got to join in with the fangirling. I just love this group and they're a fun group of guys. Good songs and great dancing. It's also a plus that two of them can speak English while one of them literally has the cutest Engrish I have ever heard. They do flips and bboy moves that keep me entertained by going 'Ooooh.' But I guess that should have been expected since they're from JYP and the last boy group they had are the beast idols 2PM. 

Like Exo though, my interest did start to wane a little. But the main reason behind that is because I pretty much watched everything I could that was english subbed already. They've only been a group for almost a year and half now. It's not like Exo who had been out for two years or getting into Super Junior who have been around since '05 and have tons of things to watch. So I kinda got tired of watching the same three mvs and their dance practices. They didn't have any new material out for me to watch. Sure, some of them had their own gigs like variety shows and such. But if I'm speaking honestly here, my biases weren't any of these people so I wasn't THAT interested in those variety shows LOL. So one day I was hanging at Lychee's house, watching the same Got7 material and was kinda getting bored of them. Don't know how it happened, but another kpop group was mentioned. It could have been me who brought them up. or Lychee talked about how she really likes their music. A couple of days later, having nothing to do, decided to give this other boy group to try. Then BAM! This one group, who I didn't really think much of, is currently taking all my time and love these past month or two.  

VIXX. Oh VIXX. While Exo got me back and Got7 kept me going, VIXX is the group that I can pretty much say cemented my stay in the kpop world the second time around. Oh how you did me right...

Which I will expand on in my next post. Till next time! 


[Sidebar Update]: Check out the new kpeen in my I Wanna Do the Nasty With corner. My current obsession. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

How Exo Started It All...

Like I stated in my 'coming back' post, there are three groups that led to me getting back into kpop. Exo was the group that started it all, but I'll just give you the gist of how it happened. 

A friend of mine, who will be called Lychee, had a cousin that stayed with her for about a month. A high school cousin who is into kpop. When I got the chance to meet her, I thought, "I used to be into kpop. I could try to make conversation by asking her who she's into." Oh. Who knew that train of thought would lead me to where I am now. A kpop fangirl once again. ANYWAYS. She told me that she's really into Exo and proceeded to show me all of their music videos. Here is the first thought that came to mine when I watched their mvs. I couldn't help but notice how many there were of them. It reminded me of how I reacted to Super Junior when I watched their Don't Don mv. I was all, "Oh, cool. They have awesome back up dancers. Wait. They're all in a group? Why the fuck do they have so many??" And they ended up being my first love in the kpop scene. But with this group, there was one thing on my mind. 

"How old are these kpeens?"

I then find out that the majority of them are younger than me. Only three are older than me and two are the same age. (I'm sure you can figure out how old I am with that info I gave you.) And I clearly remember watching Growl, or maybe another mv, thinking this one guy was pretty cute but knew that he must be one of the 94-ers. Then I find out that he's actually one of the 90-ers, reminding myself that you can never know when it comes to kpop idols. So I let Lychee's cousin to continue to show me videos, since there really wasn't anything else I was doing other than chilling at her house. It was nice, listening to kpop again and trying to place the name to the face among twelve members (at the time)

Here's the thing though. There's a moment when you realize that it's more than just a one time thing, and the moment is this. The minute you start looking them up yourself and watching youtube video after video, that's when you know. You're fucked. And I remember that ah-ha moment like it was yesterday. I was in my bed, with my cellphone on the youtube app. It was probably a couple of days after I met Lychee's cousin and introduced to Exo. I guess I had nothing better to do and looked up Exo videos, any of their live performances. It was either a Growl or Overdose performance, but I found myself going down the list and watching pretty much everything. And it wasn't until I was halfway through a performance, giggling that I had THE epiphany. I hit pause and literally mumbled, "Oh shit. I'm becoming an Exo fangirl." It pretty much went downhill after that. 

I associated myself as an Exo fan. I watched everything that I could that was english subbed on Youtube and Dailymotion. For a week, I kept trying to get into their Exo-L fanclub site until I finally got in and joined the billions of other people who registered. The terms 'bias, ship, OTP, feels, fanfic, skinship, etc' came flooding back to me. I had a bias who became my cellphone wallpaper and began to ship all the members. I had forgotten all the time that it took to literally update oneself on a group. Sure, Exo had been a group for roughly two years when I got into them. But it still caught me by surprised when I was watching a couple episodes of EXO Showtime and looked at a clock, telling me that I spent all day just watching kpop videos. 

Now, if you noticed or not, the way I talk about Exo seems to be in past tense. Unfortunately, they are kind of in the past for me as of this moment. I'm not saying that I have totally forgotten about them, it's just that my time is not spent focusing on the other groups that I'm into. It started to wane during the month of December. And no, it has nothing to do with all the scandals and people leaving the group. Yes I was bummed when Kris and Luhan left, and now they have this thing with Tao which is totally up in the air. But that is no way the cause of my lack of Exo-L fangirling. I was in the Philippines during that time and with the horrible internet connection there, I didn't really get the opportunity to look up videos and watch them. So the routine that I had while in the states didn't apply to the when I was in the Philippines. All the news and updates of them I got from my Lychee whenever we chatted on Line. 

While I still lust over my two biases, and think their recent come back song "Call Me Baby" is pretty catchy, I just find myself watching videos and daydreaming of the other two groups. But who knows! I haven't watched EXO Next Door yet and from what I've been told by Lychee, it's pretty good. Maybe that's the incentive to get me back. Win me back Exo! Or at least get my attention again biases. I'm losing you to my other ones. 

And when I think I'm fading from the kpop life, I come back to the US and get sucked into another fandom. The Got7 fandom...which will be revealed in the next post. 

Till next time! ( wasn't too long till I posted again..)


[Sidebar Update]: Four years have passed. I have moved on and found new Man Candy. Check out my new Man Candy list to see who I'm thirsty for. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

4 Years.

Has it really been that long?  Yes...apparently it has.  Four years have passed since I've posted anything on this blog, and my last post wasn't even kpop related.  A lot has happened during the four years that I've put a rest to the fangirl life.  And if there's one thing I've learned during that time, it's this. 

Kpop and being a fangirl never really leaves you. 

I think it's correct to say that I never really stopped being a kpop fangirl.  It was more like that part of me decided to take a break, which led to hibernation and becoming dormant.  Now, it wasn't like kpop never existed these past years.  I'd still update myself from time to time, even watched a concert or two.  It's just that the level of interest I had didn't reach one of a fangirl.  So, I've neglected this blog.  To the point where the photos I've used got replaced by something entirely different because the photo sharing website I used probably doesn't even exist anymore.  And I don't even know what it was!  Which is a bummer in all honesty, but that's what happens when you don't use something for so long. 

Now you may be wondering, (who am I even referring to??)..."What is the purpose of this post and what am I getting at?" Well, here it is. 

I am back!  The fangirl has awakened and kpop matters again!!!
[cue cricket sounds]

Okay.  I know I wrote the same thing a few posts 2011.  But I mean it this time!   I find myself listening to kpop more than the radio, watching music videos, live performance, and looking everywhere for subbed videos.  And this has been going on since roughly August of 2014!  I am 90% sure that this is not a false alarm and kpop is back in my life.  Which could be seen as a good thing or a bad thing, if speaking truthfully.  

You may be thinking, (really..who am I referring to??)...what make this time different than last time?  Well, let me tell you in three words. 

 photo exo20logo_zpshxifgdzn.jpg photo go720logo202_zpsesnawjua.jpg   photo vixx20logo_zpsifh3vdi2.jpg

These three groups reeled me back into the world of kpop and exactly in that order.  I won't go too much into detail, since I might make it into a separate blog post, but these group of kpeens did it for me.  Also, it helps when you have friends that got into them around the same time you did.  Or was into them before you and got you interested in them.  So the kpop fangirl continues to thrive as it feeds off the enthusiasm my friends have whenever we watch mvs together or do dance practices.  And it's always way more fun when you fangirl with others, even if the level of fangirl-ness is different. 

Now, I know saying something doesn't mean anything unless I actually start posting stuff that aren't months apart.  And honestly, I'm hoping that I do get back into the groove again.  But I know that starting from this post, it's not going to be like before.  Four years have passed, I'm older now.  I was a young thing back then who just had to have the closest seats no matter the cost, and skip class to drive all the way to LAX to see these kpop idols for only a couple of seconds.  That's most likely not going to be the case this time around.  I have a full time job now from Monday to Friday and I know how valuable money is.  I can't just afford to pay $300 for pool seats at KMF not knowing who's coming as easily as before.  Don't have the energy to book a room at the same hotel they're staying at and run around LA to hope to bump into kpeens.  So I'm going to get the second best or average seat.  Or even miss the concert/fan meeting because I have work or it's just too expensive.  Bottom line is, the amount of money I'm going to be paying to see an idol correlates to how much I really like them.  And how much is in my bank account...but mostly how much I like them LOL.  

ANYWAYS.  I'll do my darnest to not go MIA after this post.  Till next time! (hopefully some time soon...)


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Welcome Back Into My Life

Now...WAY BACK to my very first blogpost, I said that I was into kpop, jrock, and mpop. I know that my blog is pretty much centered around kpop with my obvious banner, gifs, and lust filled posts...but I do listen to jrock from time to time. And since I'm being all honest here, it has been a while since I've listened to any Fei Lun Hai recently....don't know when I will again. BUT! That's not what this post is about. I want to say that my love for jrock has sparked once again because my dear cousin Neenr just got into the first jrock group that I really got into......ALICE NINE!!! For some reason, of all people to like jrock I didn't think Neenr would get into it. That's why I was so surprised to hear that she started downloading their music and is pretty much more informed about the group than I am. Lol! Then just yesterday, Neenr and I watched Alice Nine's first live concert in her room and lo behold! Alice Nine and jrock has resurfaced into my life. I mean, how can I NOT get back into them again when they release an amazing song and look like this!

So.....let's start off by saying this shall we?


I just...I can't. They're so pretty!! And don't think that I'm just into their looks...because they're fucking talented!! You can see AND hear it. Shou has a voice that continues to mesmerize me, Saga keeps on licking his bass, Hiroto (blonde) and Tora strum their guitars like its their peen and Nao killing it with the drums. Now...did you just see what I did there? I introduced you all to who's who and one of the PLENTY facts about them that I adore. I want to ask you all, are you ready to be mindfucked? Are you?! Well whether or not you are I'm going to keep going. Want to know how old these guys are?


3-FUCKIN-0!!! Can you believe that?! When I first got into them either last year or late 2009, I thought they were in their mid-20s or something. Then I found out that the majority of them are close to 30! I could not believe it. I DIDN'T want to believe it. Tell me...what is in their water? Have the Japanese found some water that came from the fountain of youth and giving it to these jrockers?! This isn't the only group that I have seen and listened to that look MUCH younger than they really are.

....I understand that this blogpost really has no direction and consists of much babbling on my part and even boring....but that's what Alice Nine does to me. My brain gets all jumbled up and my thoughts are scattered everywhere. So...please listen to this song and if you like their sound...GO LOOK THEM UP!



Saturday, February 26, 2011

BEAST Singing in Japanese? HELL YEA!


As you can see, I'm pretty excited about the release of this music video. When the teaser came out...NOT the 36sec one with a girl sitting in the chair...the one on a japanese news show thing, I was all pumped for two things. One, I get to see another mv by Beast. Two, I wanted to see how the song will sound like in japanese. So I got a tweet from my awesome gal @CosmoQueen_ that had a link to the video...and I so conveniently have it here.

I am absolutely too lazy to look for and create gifs of certain parts of the music video I want to to talk about. I was just too excited and I want to get right to spazzing about this video with you all. So, if you want would really help...go load the video first and if interested, go to time the corresponds with my comment. Let's get to it, yea?
  • 0:30 - YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW HAPPY I AM THAT THEY KEPT THE GUITAR CORD BONDAGE!!!! I would have been DEVASTATED if they didn't put that in. Yoseob laying down on that glowing floor with guitar cords molesting his body is a KEY PART of the music video! I mean, INANIMATE OBJECTS such as GUITAR CORDS also want to GROPE and FEEL around his PEEN! Not just living objects like us fangirls, but normal day to day things! Do you realize this Yoseob?! You and that peen of yours are no longer safe because who knows! As you're sleeping in your bunk bed you may think that's DooJoon's hand thats creeping up your leg...but it's your cord of your cell phone charger! Sighs...this only reminds me of my longing of being that guitar cord that SLOWLY gliding up your peen. Oh to be an inanimate object....
  • 0:44 - Um....Junhyung is rapping in korean. Is it just me, but did that throw you off too? I was watching it expecting japanese but Junhyung is rapping in japanese. I was like, "Wha?" Don't get me wrong, Junhyung is still spewing the SEX like always. I was just thrown off, that's all. Lol! I gotta say though, the sexual appeal of him with the mohawk and this off-to-the-side hair is different. The mohawk hairstyle gave him this badass guy who'll dominate you while the off-to-the-side hair makes him seem like a tease and a flirt. Either way though, my ovaries want his peen.
  • 2:26 - You just keep on testing my ovaries, aren't you Dongwoon? Like I said two blogposts back, I just wanted to have you as my best guy friend. Then you had to flash your abs and I began to doubt myself. Well, you did it again maknae. Despite the fact that it was only a second long, I twitched down there. You just HAD to look at the camera with that LUSTFUL gaze and run your fingers down your face and lips. Well...damn you Dongwoon. Damn you for making me think these thoughts and my body ache for you. Grr...
  • 2:54 - Oh hell yea! Yoseob got a small dance solo...and look at how UNF-TASTIC he is!! I truly believe that all of Beast can dance really well. So it's great to see him get a solo moment here. I also love his pose at the end of it when he pops his collar. It just screams, "Tch, forget being cute. I'm one fine piece of man candy." Yes you are Yoseob. Yes you are.
  • 3:17 - FINALLY! JUNHYUNG SPOKE JAPANESE! And you know what? Junhyung sounds FUCKING HOT IN JAPANESE! Hell, they all sounded SEX-TASTIC in japanese. I don't know why....but I find myself jizzing faster this time around.
  • Now...just because I didn't mention Hyunseung, Kikwang or DooJoon doesn't mean that I didn't notice them now. The three of them were as SEXY as the others. Hyunseung looked REAL GOOD in this mv. He actually looks japanese to me in the video...with that fur neck thing. SO GORGEOUS! With Kikwang...of course he's amazing in it. Thick lips and a SEX aura. He never fails me. Then with DooJoon? His arms are FUCKIN FINE! I am so happy to see that he was sleeveless in the mv....he should have been sleeveless throughout the whole video.
I really really approve of this music video. Shock in japanese sounds AMAZING and works very well. I also love how this music video seems to be Yoseob bias. XD There just seems to be so much Yoseob SEX in it...and I LOVE IT!! KYAA!! So all you fangirl and fanboys.....GO JIZZ IN YOUR PANTIES OVER THIS UNF FILLED MUSIC VIDEO!

[SIDE NOTE: This is for unicorn...who has commented on my blog. I just wanted to say that I've gone to your blog and I wanted to comment on a post of yours...but it seems like I can't comment. Like...the comment box doesn't show. Lol! I wanted you to know you can fix it and such. I wanna comment. ^^]

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Photo of the Day - Marie Claire Edition 7

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Now....don't get me wrong. Kikwang is a sexy guy and seeing him shirtless like this just backs up that claim. But for some strange odd reason, I'm not jizzing over this photo. I'm being honest here. I actually don't know what to say right now. Haha! There's just a couple of oddities in this photo.

Um, do any of you see a razor? Sure, it's very Kikwang like to put shaving cream on his face to only realize that he doesn't have a razor to use. One may think that expression on his face is one of PURE SEX but I beg to differ from the image reflected on the mirror. The feeling I get from the reflections is Kikwang looking down and thinking, "Ah...there's no razor. Hmm..." And if he ends up finding a razor, there's no sink. So...Kikwang has the choice to either use the tub or shower that I assume to be in the bathroom to wash the razor or just get over it. Besides Kikwang, you don't even have any hair to shave off anyways. So basically, this whole thing is unnecessary.

One positive thing I like about this photo though is Kikwang's moobs....or moob to be exact. I just wanna molest him and grope those firm mounds. Then my hands will wander down yonder....ANYWAYS. To those that jizzed over this photo and are wondering what the hell is wrong with me to even NOTICE those minor details, I'm sorry. I just tend to notice things. Lol! This photo just didn't do it for me...I wish I did though. Then I could have given a better blogpost about it. Oh wells...


Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm Back Bitches! Thanks BEAST!

Well, the title pretty much sums it up. Lol! As I look at the last time I blogged, I can tell that it's been a while since I've posted anything on here. Over a month to be exact and I'm sad that it happened. But do not worry, I think I have got my drive back and that is all because of the amazing kpeen group called BEAST!

Now, before I continue on to blabble about the SEX that is the members of Beast, I just need to let this out there. I don't know if I have already complained about this, but ever since my 2 week hiatus of twitter and kpop....I truly felt like I never really got back into the groove again. I used to be the kind of fangirl that knew all the latest news and one of the first few that new all the things that's happening with Beast. Lately, I've been lagging on Beast and other kpeen groups. I haven't been updating myself on fancams or pictures. And because of that...dare I spazzing and fangirling over them wasn't as high as the level it was before. It's didn't die of course but the level was sub par in my opinion. Then...this morning, I felt it coming back. How you ask? Beast had their encore concert...that's how.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


THIS BROUGHT ME BACK TO SPAZZING ABOUT BEAST!! OH MY FUCKIN SHISUS!! I THANK YOU FOR LETTING US SEE THIS GLORIOUS EVENT! I am seriously just sitting here on the couch thinking of what to say but words are not coming to me! The abs on this MAN SEX is making me lose any logical thought and my carnal desires are reaching the surface and taking over. I want to rip those offensive items called CLOTHES OFF so I can see his abs, pecs and everything else in its own glory. I want to run my hands over his abs and lightly hold onto his hips....letting the crevices of his abs be engraved on my tongue as I slowly count each ab when I'm done counting each ab my teeth grazes down to the top of his boxers and pull it down to his rock hard peen...

SO! It was Yoseob and his abs that brought me back and I thank him. BUT! Yoseob can't take all the credit now. This certain member played a key role in bringing the spazz back in me...and I have to say that I'm kind of surprised at who it was. Now, this is that one member that I don't really go all byeontae on his ass. Sure, I say some pervy comments here and there...but it's just for fun. It's not like Yoseob or Junhyung where I really wanna get in their pants. With this guy, I really just wanted him to be my best friend. You know, that one good looking friend of yours who you have so many crazed fun memories with? Well, that was the relationship that I wanted with this sexy best guy friend. But after seeing this? I'm not sure anymore....friends with benefits?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Um...*continues to stare in confusion* this happened I have no idea. I am as blown away as all of you. I had NO IDEA that Dongwoon had this under all that clothing. Honestly Dongwoon, I don't know what say. You were the one that I wanted as my best friend! Then you go and VOLUNTARILY take off your shirt because you want to. Yup. You stripped in front of thousands of horny rabid fangirls and managed to not have any of them make their way to the stage and ravish you there. I just...I'm really confused Dongwoon. My heart isn't supposed to beat faster and my ovaries shouldn't be tingling when it comes to you. And I'm staring at places that I would have never thought I would be staring your big pecs and what looks to be erect nipples. I CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF OF THEM! I...want to....suck...damn. What are you doing to me maknae....

I only have one thing to say after I saw this video.


And that's all I gotta say. I really did miss this level of spzzing. It truly feels like I have fallen in love with B2ST all over again and it's a great feeling. I also wanna say sorry to the people that may follow my blog for not posting anything for the longest time. I shall try my best to post more frequently. And now...all that's left is for DooJoon to reveal the abs that I'm sure he has and for Junhyung me his flat stomach. I sure hope I don't have to wait too long....

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